16-24 August 2019
CIRALI Yoga Village, Turkey

Please accept our full-hearted namasté, a warm invitation with open arms to all of you, vibrant hearts, to join our
FORTUNATE PEOPLE LOVE & PEACE retreat this year!
Find out what we have in store for you to live an
unforgettable experience!
Here is a chance to experience seven days of true inner calmness and find that long-cherished peace within.

An opportunity to generate new healthy habits through being on a satisfying and detoxifying menu. A time to develop new perspectives and a new skill-set to live the beautiful life you are already living.

A place to make new long-lasting friendships and get serious about that Yoga practice that's always fascinated you. .

It's your week to get 108% nourishment, so that, finally, your mind is left with being solely and fully absorbed in pure goodness and spiritual vibes.

Besides the healing propensities of this natural environment, you will be truly looked after by the teachers and support team who will look after you for a week and accommodate you in a genuine, loving way, with true care and respect. But more then that, it is the like-minded people like YOU who make this retreat into what it is to be. Our experience has shown us that when these 'fortunate people', awakened to their true selves, or those who have just gotten unto the path of inner seeking, come together, the whole environment changes.

When we unite, ready to not just take, but feel part of a team, part of a family. It's this type of unity that we all want to create and be part of.

Here is a chance to really be your true self. Here is a place where you can hide your masks away and truly be the way you want to be for a week.

All of us are seeking deep meaningful relationships and need, on a regular basis, uplifting association and true friendship. And honestly, don't we all need to fully revitalise and re-energise our batteries at least once a year?

Sometimes our heart desires the chance to leave to a distant sacred place where we can fully restore and reconnect with our real self.

Or maybe we just want be around beautiful, happy, shining people for some time in a hope to uplift our hearts and be able to share emotions of gratitude and fulfilment with fellow seekers of light.

16-24 August 2019
8 days full on immersion with inspirational teachers!
Immersive workshops
• Pranayama & Asana practice
• Subtle Anatomy (Chakras)
• Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
• Kirtan with Madhu
from 990€
including nectarean Yoga, Kirtan, сreative Workshops, Accommodation, Food, Transfer
3 lead teachers
All three teachers are life long practitioners of
Bhakti or Hatha Yoga
Madhuri Pura Das is a 500RYT Yoga teacher who travels the world teaching Yoga asana and Bhakti Yoga. His style of teaching the ancient systems of yoga simultaneously - by purifying the mind, inner body, and physical body - makes his classes unique and therapeutic in a wholesome way.

He has been practicing and teaching Yoga and Kirtan for many years. His deep love of music and its vast potential for expressing and developing pure devotion has inspired him to use Kirtan as a means to share this devotional treasure with seekers throughout the world. He has been been chanting for many of the most famous Yoga studios around the world and has played with some of the biggest Kirtaneers around the globe such as Jahnavi Harrison, Gaura Vani,... and many others.

His extensive travelling and never-ending enthusiasm allowed him to upload countless flashmob videos for the Fortunate People project. Madhu calls his Yoga classes Bhakti Flow. It is a dynamic physical practice integrating the teachings of Bhakti Yoga and also a rejuvenation flow. In his classes you will explore ancient yoga teachings and meditation practices accompanied by an all levels class. In addition to that, be ready to be blown away and dance with your full heart and emotion in the powerful Kirtan sessions!
Jahnava Sundari grew up in South India, Tamil Nadu and Kerela for the largest part of her youth. She is born with Yoga as her father and different relatives in the family were sincere practitioners of Yoga and Ayurvedic Sciences. From the age of 18 she fully embraced the teachings of the Bhakti Yoga tradition and later on took initiation from her spiritual teacher, Radhanath Swami.

In her early twenties she started travelling the world living in different ashrams, teaching various workshops and retreats within the field of Yoga, Bhakti and Ayurveda. As from 2012 she based herself in Florence, Italy and started her own studio called Cintamani Yoga together with her husband Tom.

She has developed her own style of Yoga teacher training courses (200 and 300 hour) in which she lets her students undergo a deep immersion into the science of Bhakti. She Chakra specialisation courses in Italy and yearly brings a group of students on pilgrimage to India to explore the sacredness and hidden gems of India.

In her classes Jahnava integrates the dynamic movements of Vinyasa Flow with the deep spiritual elements of Bhakti, nicely interwoven in a beautiful composition.

She is a teacher in the fullest sense of the word and lives to bring people closer to their own spiritual reality.
Shaktyavesh avatara das (aka Shakti) is an experienced lecturer and a certified Hatha yoga teacher. He came in touch with Yoga from a very young age as he received yoga from his mother, a highly qualified Iyengar Yoga teacher.

In 2009 Shakti became a registered Yoga teacher (RYT250) at the Ashtanga Yoga center in his hometown Moscow. Later on a he's completed another training (RYT250, Gokul Yoga® Belgium) under the care of Professor Jane Kontana and living legend Gokulachandra.

He spent 7 years in London where he taught yoga at Veda Life Academy. For 3 years he lived in the Vaishnava monastery, studying sacred scriptures (including the Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Isopanishad and others), meditation techniques and the yogic lifestyle.

He participated in a number of Vipassana retreats in various buddhist monasteries in Nepal, Thailand and India. After getting his master's degree in film studies in London he makes films about yoga. Shaktyavesha sees scriptural studies as an integral part of his yoga practice. He has conducted over 1000 lectures and facilitated over 30 retreats.

Shaktyavesha is the founder of the Fortunate People® project in which he incessantly tries to share the practice of Mantra Meditation. He is dedicated to transforming his own heart and share light and goodness with others.

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16-24 August
Yoga: Being away from the daily distractions at home this retreat will give you the opportunity to really go enter deep within yourself and live a truly memorable experience that you will take home with you and cherish for the rest of your life.

Meditation: Live deeply, experience your inner world. This part of the retreat will help us to deepen the experience and cultivate new patterns for growth. It's a time to reflect and internalize the new teachings that will help us to find physical, emotional and psychological balance.

Sanga: Learn and grow sharing sacred time together.
The most powerful ingredient for spiritual growth is the opportunity to be among like-minded souls. The sanga sessions provide a learning space in which we can find daily inspiration in which we you'll have the opportunity to learn new skills, techniques and concepts that will help you to continue your progress at home.
Outings: Live freely. For the adventurers amongst us the area provides the possibility to go on a boat trip in which you can go and see turtoises and dolphins. There is a local fire mountain called Chimera where we will certainly hold a kirtan night, and the remains of an ancient fortress to quinche your thirst for discoveries.

Food: Detox your body mind and soul. Besides the nurturing meals, super organic juices and fruits available at any times for additional price just 500 steps away from our retreat centre. A healthy vegetarian diet cooked with love and devotion is what's on the menu. Vegan options are available.

Family: 108% family friendly. We invite all to bring your family members and make this retreat not only a personal transformation but one for the entire family. The bungalows also are available with private kitchen for parents with younger children. Children under 2 years can join for free. 2-16 year old will pay 16 euros/day.

16-24 August
6:30 am - pranayama on a sea shore
7 am - asana practice
9 am - breakfast
10 - 2 sun - bathing / swimming / free time
3:00 pm - fruits catering
3:30 - 5 pm - workshops, lectures
5:15 - 6:45 pm - asana practice
7 pm - second main meal
8:30 pm - kirtan / film screening
16-24 August
6:30 am - pranayama on a sea shore
7 am - asana practice
9 am - breakfast
10 - 2 sun - bathing / swimming / free time
3:00 pm - fruits catering
3:30 - 5 pm - workshops, lectures
5:15 - 6:45 pm - asana practice
7 pm - second main meal
8:30 pm - kirtan / film screening


starting from 990€

(incl. festival fee, food, accommodation , transfer)

Your price might be different in case you choose a different living option:
Single room: 1290€
Double room (2 prs): 990€
Bungalow 3-4 prs: 990€
Family room (2+2):
1190€ for each parent with children included

*for any single willing to stay in a bungalow or families who need a kitchen, just message us
**Grand Aygun Hotel is known for exceptional and very personal care for their guests

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